Bumble Site

Bumble, is adting app oriented towards girls, the application will propose to the women to take the power. Bumble is “an application of social discovery”.

In search of love? You can choose to meet “men”, “women”, “men and women”. A real progression since we are no longer constrained to standards of heterosexual encounters. And otherwise ? One can choose the option “BFF” which allows to meet people who seek to make friends. Ready to get started?

Bumble site: the test

We are no longer in the shelves of a department store where the pretenders are jostling each other so that they may deign to address a word to them. Back in the real world (or almost). Here, it is up to women to take the first step.

On our screen, the profiles scroll (according to the category chosen). Mannequins straight out of advertising to the boys next door, there is something for everyone! It is valid or not. If there is reciprocal approval, the connection is established and the discussion can begin. And again, it’s up to us to get started … We have 24 hours to start the discussion.

bumble dating app

Not obvious but since it is necessary to launch … It is there that one discovers if the current passes … or not. There are those who want to take their time and respond politely. And those who only send explicit smileys … Classic.

Bumble Features

– The “BFF” option allows you to discover people who are just looking for a friendly relationship. A real novelty in this kind of mobile app.

– Risk appetite. It is up to us to take the first step, a real progress for gender equality not? In reality we do not risk much. The truly interesting / interested interlocutor will help us to start the discussion if we are too hard. And if he does not, it’s because we do not lose much!

– The right to error. You have inadvertently eliminated a profile you like! Do not panic, you can rewind by shaking his mobile.

– The bumble boost. A module to activate to see the people who have already validated you. So we no longer risk to crack on someone without it being reciprocal. The hic? The bumble boost is paying (8,99 € / month, 5 € / month for 6 months)

– The “catalog” still little supplied. Once the profiles have been studied, a message appears: “You have already seen everyone …”. We remain on our hunger but as the application has just arrived in France, it is finally rather logical, it must still expand.

How To Use Bumble Site:

On one side the interface, use and everything that goes with looks like two drops of water to Tinder.
Then it’s the girls who have power as on AdopteUnMec and finally, when we meet gentlemen with the girls, in the manner of Once, they will have 24 hours to accept or not to take the first step and to engage a discussion.

Bumble says not to base its application on the physical and bring an extra touch to the dating via mobile, especially thanks to the personal record that would be according to the more complete at first glance!

I still have doubts, and if it happens like on Once, even if the girls have the power what does not bother me in anything, I’m afraid that we dear gentlemen spend hours waiting for a possible message .

I have nothing against the fact that the girls have the power, on the contrary it avoids drifts and in the end if we have the chance to get in touch with a girl we have hope that she is interested.

Bumble finally remains an application for the curious and curious once again. Who will only pass to see what is done as a profile and so on ..it is to try! And for those who are interested Bumble is available on Apple as on Android, and of course for free!

You still think that it is up to the men to take the first step and take initiatives? Forget everything you know with Bumble, the feminist Tinder … We say yes!

With Bumble, Girls take control:

It’s high time to take things in hand girls! If you are the first to recall that gender equality is still far from gained and you take offense to the slightest sexist comments that invade your daily life, June TV has the perfect app for you! After Happn, which could well replace the star app that Tinder, another novelty in dating should please you.

bumble for pc

With Bumble, discover a new way to apprehend your virtual encounters. The feminist app empowers women and it feels good! But concretely, how does it work? The editorial tells you more about a dating app that should quickly become your new best friend. Tinder, take care of yourself, the next generation comes!

To force us to take initiative, overcome our shyness and abandon the stupid principle we like to follow, “I NEVER make the first move,” Bumble found the solution! As on Tinder, the sexiest bachelors in the area are proposed to us and, according to our wishes, we can decide “swipe left” or “swipe right”.

Until then nothing much different. But where the feminist app changes the game, it is precisely after the “match”. On Bumble, the guys can not come to us. Yes, here it is up to us to take the initiative and start the discussion.

Be careful not to hesitate as to the content of our catch phrase (banal, humorous, spicy …), because after 24 hours of procrastination, our connection with the lovely heart will disappear! A nice way to encourage us to take the first step and put an end once and for all to the archaic pattern of the man who is courting his sweetheart.

How to make the most of Bumble site:

Bumble does the sort you do not dare to do on Tinder (and that’s the most interesting point for me). If you do not respond to the profile you liked within 24 hours, the match, the connection disappears.

Same, if he, in turn do not respond to your first message within 24 hours. We had to dare and we had to do it. Let’s be honest, like the lemon law (Barney Stinson’s theory in “How I Makes Your Mother”) we know pretty quickly, if it’s not going to do it with someone. Why wait and leave all these contacts unresolved. Here we are in action, we are more focused on what works, which seems to me to be an excellent strategy.
You can change your mind 3 times a day and go back to profiles for which you said no. While on Tinder, you have to pay to have this feature.

The application from a technical point of view is well thought out and well adapted to the mobile environment. We find the facilities of use of Tinder: registration through its Facebook account; The profile is dragged to the left (for a no) and to the right (for a yes).

If there is a match between two profiles you are notified (unlike like Tinder). Eg. On Tinder, if I choose to see profiles within a radius of 200 km, I am offered profiles on Paris. But if this profile has chosen profiles within a radius of 100 kms it will never be offered mine, while if it is I am the wife of his life.